Jan Gleie



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Redifine Ordinary

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Gets you going fast

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Les gens avant l’argent

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Keep Moving

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Capturing reality through layers of emotions

How to avoid the stereotype, the cliché ?

Jan observes life with delicacy, and prints in his visual memory, these instants of authenticity, filled with truth. He transposes them with gentleness in his human and generous films.

He is the director to pick when you want to picture life in a way no one has ever done before: life, through layers of genuine emotions, in a thoughtful and constrained manner that goes counter to conventional advertising. As a humanistic naturalist would do, and with the mature sensibility that characterises him, he catches on camera the very moment when the actors forget they’re being filmed, this very moment when they forget about their role, and this very moment which makes the delivery of an altruistic message possible.